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Dental Emergencies

Unfortunately sometimes you may experience tooth ache. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone and Dr. Eden Winter can help whether it be repairing a broken tooth or completing root canal therapy to treat an infected tooth.

Many people are unsure as to what constitutes a dental emergency. If you are uncertain, you’re best to contact us straightaway. 

Dental emergencies can include:

Knocked-out teeth – Your tooth may be able to be reinserted. Locate it and store it in a sealed container that contains milk or saline. If you can put it back in the socket, do so. When handling the tooth, do not touch the roots. If it is dirty, rinse it briefly in saliva or milk to remove debris. With the right attention within an hour, you can save your tooth.

Chipped or broken teeth – If part of your tooth has broken off, it’s possible to have it bonded back in place. Take the fragment and store it in saline if possible.

Abscesses – If you have a severe toothache, it may be due to an abscessed tooth. Look for a swollen area of the gums along the tooth root or what looks like a visible pimple. You may also have a salty or bad taste in your mouth. Antibiotics are used to reduce the pressure that causes your discomfort. A root canal treatment may be necessary to save your tooth.

Denture repairs – If your denture has broken or cracked, don’t try to address it on your own. You may cause permanent damage. Instead, bring it in and we will evaluate it to determine if we can perform a denture repair. If not, we can talk about getting you a replacement.

Damaged filling or crown – If your restoration has fallen out or become damaged, we can provide the care you need. You may have eaten something crunchy or sticky and your crown or filling has gotten loose. Don’t chew on that side until you’ve seen us. Your crown may be used again, so store it in a plastic zip bag.

Swelling and bleeding – The lips, cheeks and gums can easily be injured. We’ll make sure that your teeth are healthy and can apply sutures if needed. Get a cold compress and apply it to the outside of the cheek with a firm pressure to relieve swelling or bleeding. Seek immediate attention if you don’t see improvement.