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Loyalty Programs

Winter Smiles is delighted to introduce the following Loyalty Programs:

  • White Smiles for Life Program; and

  • Refer a Friend Reward Program.

White Smiles for Life Program

Winter Smiles is delighted to introduce its ‘White Smiles for Life Program’, which is a simple and affordable program to help you keep your pearly whites clean and healthy year after year.

All you need to do is buy a course of take-home teeth whitening, for a one-off fee and then you will receive a complimentary tube of top-up whitening gel at each of your 6 monthly check-up and clean appointments.

With our ‘White Smiles for Life Program’, we will make custom trays for your upper and lower teeth for a one-off fee. You will then place whitening gel in the trays and wear the trays for one hour each day for 10 days. Then, when you come to our practice every 6 months for a check up and clean, you will receive a complimentary tube of whitening gel.

The only requirement to be a member of our ‘White Smiles for Life Program’ is to maintain your regular six-monthly check-up and clean appointments.

Teeth whitening is not as effective if plaque or tartar is present on your teeth. So, a regular professional clean, followed by teeth whitening afterwards, is key to keeping your teeth pearly white long-term.

Whiter teeth

'White Smiles for Life Program' Terms & Conditions

  • Patient receives 1 syringe of whitening gel at each 6 month appointment.

  • Patient must attend every 5-7 months for membership to remain active. Non-attendance in this timeframe renders the membership void.

  • Patient agrees to undergo a pre-whitening check-up and clean (or receipted proof of recent procedure).

  • Patient agrees to a pre-whitening assessment to ensure whitening is safe to use on their teeth.

  • Lost and broken trays will be replaced at the patient’s cost.

Refer a Friend Reward Program

Your satisfaction and level of care are so important to us and we are proud that you recognise us by referring us to your nearest and dearest. 

For over 18 years, Dr Eden Winter has been providing high-quality, ethical dental care across the Hawthorn area. We believe there is no better way of gaining new patients than by recommendations from our existing, happy patients. 

Most of our new patients come to us through personal recommendations. To thank you, our existing patients, for your continuing support and dentist recommendations to your friends and family, we have introduced the Patient Referral Rewards Program.

How it Works

Existing patients of Winter Smiles can easily participate in our Patient Referral Reward Program. 

The first step towards claiming your $25 credit reward is to begin referring your family and friends. 

Our receptionist will ask the new patient to give the name of the referrer, so that we can action your credit. 

Once the referred patient has completed their first appointment with Winter Smiles, we will give you a quick call to let you know and to say thank you in person for your recommendation. 

We will then apply a $25 credit to your patient records to show our appreciation. 

If you have had a great experience with us, we would be delighted if you would share it with everyone! There are Patient Referral Rewards Program cards at our Practice, so do pop in and collect some if you are passing (Terms and Conditions apply, please see below). 

refer a friend

Terms of Use

The Patient Referral Rewards Program is simple and easy to participate in for all existing patients. The terms of use and application of the $25 credit is outlined below. 

  • The referrer must be a current, existing patient of Winter Smiles and must be active (had an appointment within the past 12 months). 
  • The new patient, referred to Winter Smiles, must not be an existing patient. 
  • The new patient or the referrer must ensure that the referrer’s details are given when the appointment is made to enable the credit reward. Referral details cannot be added afterwards. 
  • $25 credit rewards will not be applied if new patients do not attend the appointment. 
  • The $25 credit reward cannot be exchanged for cash or products on sale in the Practice and is only transferable within the referrer’s family. It will be credited against the cost of the referrer’s dental treatments offered by Winter Smiles. 
  • Your $25 credit reward is valid for use for 2 years from the date of issue. 

These terms may be subject to change at any time. Changes will be dated at the bottom of this page. Winter Smiles reserve the right to end or suspend the Patient Referral Rewards Program without prior notice given. Credits that remain in patient records after this time will still be valid for the two-year period from the date of issue.